Top 5 Landscaping Ideas For Increased Curb Appeal

Spring is in the air, which means that both mother nature and potential home buyers are beginning to become more active! If you are considering placing your home on the market, there is no time like the present when it comes to sprucing up your curb appeal via the first thing many potential buyers see – your front yard. Here are some handy suggestions to help keep you from being lost in the financial weeds!

1. Prioritize Your House!
When it comes to landscaping, it can be easy to simply get carried away and go a tad overboard. Keep in mind the goal is to focus the attention upon your house! Too many plants or shrubs may appear distracting or even worse create an actual sight barrier to your home for sale. Remember – the goal is to accent, not overshadow!

2. The Feng Shui Way!
Rock pathways and smaller shrubs ‘walls’ are a great way to help lead potential buyers to your home. A neat and patterned walkway not only creates a welcoming atmosphere but also helps do away with needless lawn clutter, such as fallen branches. Some products such as bluestone can even help accentuate the colors in your home’s exterior! Some unique hedge-trimming shapes can also act as a great conversation starter.

3. Remember The Climate!
The Texas heat can be a serious issue when it comes to choosing plants that may boost your curb appeal. Roses of many varieties tend to do well in the sun, and be specific when choosing a type of grass to fill out your lawn – a brown and dead-looking yard is a definite turnoff to a majority of home buyers. Even if you are zero-scaping your yard with stones as opposed to grass it is probably a good idea to avoid knee-scratchers such as cactus!

4. Create Privacy With Natural Beauty!
Flowering vines can be an excellent way to create a private oasis on a front porch or adjacent patio. Again, do your research to determine what plants may work best with your sun to shade ratio, and always bear in mind that some climbing plants take over quickly while others may take months or even years to truly establish themselves.

5. Accent, Accent, Accent!
Try to remember that the showing of your home for sale is the main goal! Perennial plants may seem a wiser investment as a home owner, but some potted and visually stunning annual plants placed in strategic positions could very well be the better way to go when thinking as a home seller. A shade tree or two can also actually sometimes increase the value of your property in the eyes of a buyer. Good luck and happy planting!


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