This Summer Heat!

Puff: This summer weather sure puts the frizz in my hair. My pal Kelly is doing her best to keep me brushed, but I still think the office should treat me to a full-on spa day. After all, I work hard around here and it’s the least they can do as a thank you for me keeping those mice and birds out of the yard! I wonder if they make cat conditioner? I need to be my silky best.

The dog is running around again with that toy of his. Honestly, I’m over here doing my best to keep the copy machine warm, and he keeps waking me up with all that racket. Maybe they’ll take him for a car ride soon and I can finally get some beauty sleep. Don’t forget the conditioner if you go out!

Casper: It sure is hot outside! The nice office ladies promised that we can take a ride in the wheel chariot later, maybe I can convince them to stop off for some vanilla ice cream! Sure do love my DQ! They turned the sprinkler on the other day, but I could tell immediately it was up to no good. Why don’t they see its malicious intentions? I tried to protect everyone from the vicious sprinkler spray by barking a warning but nobody believed me! One day it will go berserk and then they will see! Well, Puff looks bored over there sleeping, I should probably go see if he wants to play with my toy!


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