The Daily Grind of Office Life…



Meet Puff and Casper

Puff Blog:
Another crazy busy day around the office, meaning someone had the nerve to ask me to move off the copier. NO SIR. Well, at least not right away. Responded to his question of “what is it you exactly DO around here again Puff?” with the appropriate yawn, then went outside for a much-needed nap in the sun after all that hard work.

Eventually had to paw at the door for a solid THREE MINUTES before someone finally let me in. I mean, would it kill you to have a cat-level doorbell installed? Note to self – look into coding requirements of single level businesses for proper cat-to-doorbell height accommodations. The things I put up with around here.

Also, that office dog needs Ritalin. I nodded a hello this morning and he jumped four feet in the air and took off running, howling something about “the toy is mine!”. I’m not sure how much longer I can work under these conditions honestly.

Dog Blog:
The nice ladies all look especially nice today! I hope they don’t spend all day talking into the black ringy tube so that we can instead go for a ride in the wheel-chariot! I love the wheel-chariot but for some reason they never let me turn the steering ring! Also, they should make the wheel-chariot go MUCH faster! The cat wants to steal my toy, I just know it! He shall never steal my toy! The toy is mine! All mine! Hey, are you gonna eat that?


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