Mailman Suspicions


Puff: I am determined to catch these mice that are roaming the neighborhood. Unfortunately they seem to be largely keeping to a nighttime schedule, which gets in the way of my beauty sleep as well as my viewing of ‘The Voice’. I’m keeping one eye open throughout the day though, provided it isn’t napping.

I do not trust that mailman. The other day he tried to pet me, and I nearly lost 7 of my 9 lives trying to escape his clutches. I told office manager Josh about it but he just said I’m being paranoid. Honestly, people coming and going all day long wanting to sell their house or buy some new property, how am I supposed to get any rest at all?

I should probably remind the office manager that by law they are required to post state feline workforce guidelines, complete with minimum treat wage. I’m sure I qualify for some overtime by this point. Where is Josh anyway?

Casper: I love the mailman! He likes to pull my toy from my teeth, and the other day we even did a whirl through the air! I wish he would never leave, but at least I have the nice ladies here most of the day! And the guys that pet me too! This place sure is busy lately. I feel like the nice ladies and the guys that pet me worked through lunch today. I should probably remind them it’s time to eat. Hey ladies! I’m thinking Tex-Mex!


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