Home Sale Staging Tips For Texans!

Tips and Tricks for Staging your Home

Everyone knows that everything is bigger in Texas, so why go small when it comes time to stage your home for sale? Creating the perfect environment for prospective buyers doesn’t need to break the bank or cause undue stress. Here are some fast, easy tips that can help turn your home showing from drab to fab!

– Grimy bathroom walls can be a deal killer when it comes to showing your house. Swing by your local dollar store and grab a spray bottle, mix one part water to one part bleach. Spray and watch mold and mildew melt away! Throw on a fresh coat of paint and your bathroom will turn into a selling point rather than a gross out.

– Even in the balmy climate of Texas, many homes come with the added feature of a fireplace. Don’t let this potential bonus turn into an eyesore! Make sure your fireplace is free of soot and ash, and invest $20 in a new fireplace screen. You’ll be impressed with the results.

– Kitchen cabinets can get worn down, especially in larger, family-friendly homes. Don’t replace, just stain! Make sure you apply the stain of your choice with the grain of the wood in steady strokes, and your kitchen will be looking like new in no time. Just add Texas BBQ!

– The Lone Star State = sunshine, so be sure and let plenty of natural light fill your home for sale. If it’s rainy weather outside, turn on some comfortable lights. Avoid the dreaded ‘office lighting’ of sharp overhead fluorescents, and aim for warm, inviting lamps. Dark and dreary = less than appealing.

– Storage space is a big win! Clear out the clutter by having a garage sale or donating old items prior to showing your home. Closets, pantry space and other areas will give your home that ‘bigger in Texas’ feel.

Remember, there’s never a second chance for a first impression, so be sure to take your home staging seriously. More importantly, make it fun! With a little bit of creativity and elbow grease, your Texas home for sale will be shining like a yellow rose in no time!


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