Happy Holidays!


PUFF: Well, it sure doesn’t FEEL like winter around here, but I guess that’s Texas weather for you. Those pesky field mice keep running around the yard like they own the darn block, good thing I’m around to bop ’em on the head and send them on their way. Josh tells me that’s not a very Christmas spirit-type thing for me to do, but bah humbug to that! Somebody has to be the authority around here on naughty and nice! The office sure does look nice with all of the decorations though, although I’m pretty sure the dog is mere moments away from getting his tail wrapped up in those lights…

CASPER: WOO HOO! Christmas is in the air! I love the holidays! All of the office ladies dress so pretty and Josh even sings holiday songs when he drinks enough of that eggy nog stuff! I hope I’ve been good enough this year to get that new chew toy! Hey Santa, we can overlook a few things, right? Like that broken lamp…I swear it started the whole thing! HEY LOOK! The decorations are coming out! The office ladies certainly won’t mind if I help a little bit with the tinsel. Hey, who put all these lights by my tail? Ummm…..JOSH!!! SOME HELP OVER HERE!!

Until next time…
Puff and Casper


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