Happy Holidays!

PUFF: Well, it sure doesn’t FEEL like winter around here, but I guess that’s Texas […]

This Summer Heat!

Puff: This summer weather sure puts the frizz in my hair. My pal Josh is […]

Top 5 Landscaping Ideas For Increased Curb Appeal

      Spring is in the air, which means that both mother nature and potential home […]

The Daily Grind of Office Life…

  Puff Blog: Another crazy busy day around the office, meaning someone had the nerve […]

House Showing Tips For Pet Lovers

For many pet lovers, their furry friend is simply another member of the family. When […]

Top 5 Fun Texas Festivals

Long boasting the claim that Texas is “bigger than France!”, the Lone Star state is […]

5 Texas Curb Appeal Tips

1. Consider a basic re-painting on the exterior of your home. A full house painting […]

Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring is definitely in the air, and any realtor will tell you that is an […]

Home Sale Staging Tips For Texans!

Everyone knows that everything is bigger in Texas, so why go small when it comes […]


We all want everything to go smoothly, from start to finish, when putting your house […]

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