Buying a HUD Foreclosure Home …


Just about anyone can buy a HUD Home. Below are some very important tips to make your search and overall transaction go as smoothly as possible. Then continue to read as I briefly explain each one.

1 – Get prequalified/preapproved for a home loan.
2 – Research the HUD website for available properties. 3 – Get a registered HUD Realtor to submit your offer.

Unless you are paying CASH, you are basically wasting your time not getting prequalified/preapproved before you begin your home search. You need to know how much money you actually qualify for. And HUD homes have a short window of time once they come on the market to accept bids. If you haven’t started your loan qualification procedures yet, you will probably miss the window of opportunity to put in a bid. This is pretty important. You must have a prequalification or preapproval letter to make an offer.

Once you have an idea of what you are willing or qualified to spend you can start searching for HUD Foreclosure Homes to come on the market. The website to track these is: You can type in state and zip if you want to watch a certain area. The information that pops up will tell you what the bid period is (your window of time to make an offer). Owner occupants (people wanting to live in the house) get to bid in the first bid period. Investors have to wait for the next bid period.

Once you have found the property that interests you, you will want to look at it first hand. You need to make sure you contact a Realtor who is a registered HUD selling agent, such as myself. Not only can we show you the property, but explain the entire process to you, enter your offer into the system, and assist you through the entire HUD buying process, all the way to a successful closing!

The above information is just the tip of the iceberg and you may have more questions like maybe … if I submit a bid first do I get priority over other bids, what if the house is in need of repairs, how much earnest money do I have to have, can I back out and get my earnest money back if the home inspection is bad, will the utilities be turned on so I can inspect the house or do I have to pay for that, etc. etc. You can call or email me for answers to these questions at: ….. or scroll to the bottom of the HUDHomeStore website and click on the link How to Buy a Hud Home.

Email me for questions, concerns, or any feedback! Thanks! Sandy Smith, REALTOR (


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