5 Texas Curb Appeal Tips

Texas Curb Appeal Tips
1. Consider a basic re-painting on the exterior of your home. A full house painting can be a pricy proposition, but you will be amazed how re-covering a few accent¬†pieces (such as window trim) will give your home a fresh glow. The same goes for the floors of attached porches and backyard sheds. Throw a new coat of gloss stain on that old cracked wood and watch it go from ‘decrepit’ to ‘distinctive’ in a few hours.

2. Neglected landscaping is a big red flag when it comes to curb appeal on your home for sale, so be sure to prune those trees! Rows of dying shrubs are sure to send the wrong impression to possible buyers before they even get inside the house, so consider either getting old plants trimmed or even removed altogether.

3. Weeds can run rampant across Texas lawns, so be sure to put down weed and feed before the season gets into full bloom. If you are planning to re-sod your lawn, be sure and do some research on the type of grass that will likely work best with your soil. A soil PH test can be an easy way to get a read on exactly what you are dealing with in that regard, and be sure to keep in mind the sun-to-shade ratio of your lawn before seeding!

4. Everyone knows that things are bigger in Texas, and that includes the plant-eating critters that call your neighborhood home! Deer and rabbits are notorious for chewing through gardens and home yard plants, so invest in some low-cost critter repellent and spray away. Be sure to re-apply after hard rains. For serious animal issues, you may even want to consider a small and easily hid electric fence. There’s nothing worse than walking up the front walk to a showing only to be greeted by Mr. Skunk.

5. Consider planting some trees in open yard areas. Shade is always a welcome friend in the heat of the Texas sun, and trees also add desired privacy. Fast-growing varieties such as River Birch and Sycamore are popular options that do well in the climate, while Hackberry or Arizona Ash provide plenty of shade once they reach their peak. If you are simply looking to dress up your landscape, consider some flowering vines such as Coral Honeysuckle, which can provide a natural privacy barrier as well as an attractive and inviting explosion of color.

Remember, when it comes to curb appeal it’s not always ‘fun in the sun’, but with these easy tips your home for sale can be blooming like the yellow rose of Texas in no time. Happy landscaping and better selling!


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